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Head Honcho #1

The name is Mansa Wakili.  You can call me Wakil for short. I’m a grammy-nominated emcee/songwriter/composer/music producer and now co-owner of WiNK VILLAGE, from Kansas City, MO.  Aside from being an artist myself and working with others like Brian McKnight, Jaden Smith and Frank Ocean, I’ve created some really cool stuff in the world of TV & Film.  From the heavy metal sounds of “Lego Batman” to the poppy tunes of “Disney”.  I guess you could say, I’m a musical chameleon of sorts and I’m just getting started.



Head Honcho #2

Hey! I’m Kelli Wakili.  I’m a singer/songwriter/producer/rapper/secret assassin and co-owner of WiNK VILLAGE. I hail from PG County, MD. I’ve graced the stage and performed in front of thousands and I’ve also created some fun things in the world of music licensing.  With dozens of musical placements under my belt, there’s definitely no stopping me.

Village Leaders: Meet the Team
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